The right choice of puppy

How to select the right puppy? It is one of the most common puppy’s phrases in Google search. What is the right answer?
1. Puppy/dog is living creature. Think of it! You must look after dog each day. Going for a walk (no matter how much it is raining)…
2. Dog is very firendly and fixated to owner. If you are in work 12 hours a day and you are used to travel each weekend, dog is not for you.
3. Dog is not cheap. Neccesary equipment like a kennel, dog food, veterinary care. Dog can cost more than 500 dollars a year (It depends on breed, some of them cost more, some of them less).
4. If you are ready – choose the right breed. Firstly choose the size of the dog. Do you have enough space for a big breed? Secondly thing about neccesary care. Some breeds need more care than the others. For example maintance of hair, some breeds are harder to train. There are hundreds of breeds, read forums, standars of breed, contact breeders…
5. Choose puppy from verified breeder. The pedigree is a considerable advantage. Breeder of dogs with pedigree is under control, the puppies have clear origin and they are not prone to disease! It is the biggest advanteges for owners not interesting in breeding! You will pay a little more for pedigree, but you will get full breeder service and clear origin of puppy. You will also save a lot of money on veterinary care in the future 🙂

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